TYCO PRODUCTS is an Importer & distributor of Spring test probes, hand tools, Wire Wrapping Tools, Telecom tool Kits, Fiber Optic Tools, Anti-Static products and various other products.
Tyco Products can also supply the following products. All Probes & receptacles are ROHS Compliant. Please ask for details.:
Spring Test Probes / Test Fixture pins / PCB Testing
Rotator / Twist Action Probes
Pneumatic Probes
Switch Probes – for Automotive Industry
Insulated Head Probes & Bare board spring probes
Genrad Interface Probe
Terradyne / Zehntal / Innovate Interface Probe
Semi-conductor probes – used in test sockets for component and test interfaces
Interface pins and translation pins for Interface panels
Coaxial Spring Probe – RF Testing for wireless communication devices upto 50ohm Impedance
Battery Contact Spring Probes – where devices require battery re-charging
High Current Spring Probes
CATV Fiber-Optic Tools Thermal Fiber-Optic Strippers & Installer’s Kit,
Desk-Top Fume Absorbers
De-soldering pumps & tools for PCB Repair & Re-work (Hot air blower & vacuum pump)
Torque screw drivers, Punchdown Tools and Universal Crimper,Curved Nose Pliers, Crimpers Pliers, Diagonal Pliers and Speciallity Pliers
Insulated Tools – Pliers & Screwdrivers
Cut, Strip and Wrap Bits and Holders 3G (0.5mm) & 3F (0.4mm)
Hand Wrapping & Unwrapping Tools, Wire stripper & Cutter
Hand-Operated wrapping gun – Plastic or Metal construction
Wrap & Unwrap Dual Function bit & Sleeve for Wrapping gun
48V Soldering Iron with BT Jack (CE marked / ROHS Compliant)
Power Supply 240V to 48V Transformer with UK Plug – for wire wrap guns &other 48V tools
Punchdown tools
Insulated Tool Kit – Insulated Pliers & Screwdrivers kit
Force Gauges, Push-Pull gauges
Our Service:
Set up in February 1998, we have succesfully served our
customers big & small, with honesty and dedication coupled with technical
expertise and Top Quality products. We thank our customers for their
continued support over the years.
We aim to provide a friendly, reliable and efficient service to all our customers.
  • Same day dispatch on most stock items including wire wrapping tools, telecom tools and spring test probes.
  • Flexibility in operation and adapting to customer needs.
  • Technical advice, brochures and any other information available on request covering all aspects of ATE In-circuit fixturing, Wire Wrapping, Lead-free Soldered PCB Boards, Flux-buster probes and Anti-static or ESD Protection
  • Free samples are available on request.
  • Competitive Quotes
  • Quick redressal of any complaints
  • Our Customers:
    Our clients include Test Fixture Manufacturers (bed of Nail Fixtures) as well as Sub-Contract Electronic Manufacturers with ATE Board Design and Test facility. Most ELECTRONICS Design and Test Development engineers who build or use “Test Fixtures” are involved in PCB Test. Loaded PCBs also known as Surface Mount Devices require spring loaded contacts for an In-circuit Test prior to assembly in a finished product. We have several large companies with in-house test facilities as our satisfied customers.
    Other Application areas include: Military, Aerospace, Communications, Industrial and Test & Measurement.
    We can supply telecom tools, wire wrapping tools, spring test probes and hand tools for different industrial applications. Our Wire Wrapping Tools are widely used not only in Electronic Test & Assembly but also in the TELECOM Installation Sector. We are now widely regarded as a leading supplier of installation tools to the telecommunications industry, with a discerning customer base ranging from multi-national companies through to small installation organizations.
    We can supply Dynamometers, Punchdown tools, Insertion & Extraction tools, Fiber Optic Tools that are of the highest quality, offer superior performance and are made to be the most durable in the industry. We can supply cut strip and wrap Bit and Holder equivalent to the 3G bit and holder. This is a high precision wrapping bit and holder which is suitable to use with a Wire Wrapping Gun of any make.

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