ANTISTATIC WEAR and Antistatic ESD Protection Products

From ISO 9001 Certified manufacturers in UK & Far East.



Static sensitive devices (SSDs) are particularly vulnerable to damage from static charged human contact called Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). Personnel handling these devices are generally unaware that walking across the floor or simply the friction of their clothing can build up massive electric charges up to 20 to 30,000 volts, which will destroy the chip at a touch. Even protective circuitry does not necessarily protect the device from static charges encountered during routine handling and packaging. All clean rooms handling delicate electronic circiut boards or components should use ESD protected products and tools. We have a wide range of these products.

Antistatic Products for Clean rooms Jackets, overalls, wrist straps, heel grounders and toe grounders, gloves, bench matting, shelves trolleys, storage and much more available. High quality, comfortable and lasting products, manufactured by leading ISO9002 approved suppliers from Far East as well as Europe.

The range of our ESD Antistatic products includes:


  • Grounding products – Antistatic wrist bands and bench matting, Heel straps and toe straps, coiled cords, fabric or metal wrist bands, bonding / earthing plugs
  • Packaging – bags, bins, boxes and foam for storage and transportation
  • Work surfaces – Vinyl or rubber bench matting / work stations with heat and chemical resistance. Conductive / dissipative – single / 2 layer options.
  • Storage – Wire carts, trolleys, racks and panels, wire shelves, racks and trays for clean rooms
  • Labels, signs and markings – includes self- adhesive warning labels (vinyl, flexible or rigid PVC), floor marking / packaging tape.
  • Seating – clean room anti-static chairs – steel construction or conductive materials to provide continuous dissipation to ground. Can be supplied with a filter fitted to the seat pan to control particle migration.
  • Instruments / ESD test equipment – Surface resistivity meters, wristband testers, charge indicators, test kits / test stations, calibration monitor / kit and continuous ground monitors.
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