Tyco Products offer a wide range of Antistatic ESD Protection wear and materials that are suitable for use in Clean Room environment and electronic assembly. We can offer a range of body grounding devices such as Anti-Static Wrist Straps, Grounding Heel & toe Straps and Shoes, Conductive Foot Grounders, Protective Clothing, Gloves, shelving and trolleys, Anti-Static Mats, Precision Hand Tools and Test Instruments.

ESD White Nylon PU Top Gloves
Model No. : SI-718
Field Service Kits
Model No. : SI-307
Snap-Release Heel Grounder
Model No. : SI-211
Adjustable Elastic Wrist Strap
Model No. : SI-105A
Wrist Strap
Model No. : SI-101A
Sealed Cleanroom Gloves
Brand Name : SI-230
Fingerless ESD Gloves
Model No. : SI-228E
Static Dissipative Brushes
Model No. : SI-513,514
Static Dissipative Tweezers
Model No. : SP-299
Static Dissipative Bottles
Model No. : SB-313
Wrist Band & Footwear Test Station

Wrist Strap Testerion
Model No. : SI-500

Humidity Indicator Cards
Model No. : SI-504
Anti-Static Grid Tape
Model No. : SM-381

Conductive Brushes
Model No. : SI-511/ SI512
Computer Mat
Model No. : SI-308
Contamination Control Mat
Model No. : SI-301
ESD/Conductive Magic Straps
Model No. : SI-383
Dual Wrist Strap
Model No. : SI-108
Anti-Static Slippers
Model No. : SI-708
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