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Tyco is authorized UK distributor for Jonard Inustries Corp (USA) and sell their entire range of products in the UK / Europe like wire wrapping tools, electric wire wrapping gun, Telecom Installers tool kit, hand wrapping, manual wire wrapping tools, adjustable precision wire strippers, Fiber Optic tools, Fibre Optic Crimpers and cutters, Speciality pilers, cutters, strippers, shears and CATV tools are available with us.

Jonard Industries Corp is a World Class Manufacturer of Precision Hand Tools, Punch down tools, Crimping tools, CATV wrenches, Wire wrapping tools for the Telecom, Computer, Military and Electronic Industries. Over the years, since 1958, the company has prospered and grown their product lines which have expanded to 20 separate and unique categories of professional, highly dependable tools.

Wire Wrap Gun: The latest, most technologically advanced wire wrapping tools carry the “OK Industries” label. Jonard has the most complete line of wire wrapping and unwrapping tools for every application that calls for wire wrapping including wire stripper and cutter. Solderless connection by wire wrapping is a standard method of making connections to terminals in high density electronic equipment. Jonard wire wrapping tools offer reliability and versatility. We supply 3G wrap bit and holder, for Cut, strip and wrap operation. very popular CSW bit with Telecom Installers.

Using PTX Electric Wire Wrapping Tools – instructional video

JONARD’s telecommunication tools are approved by most major telephone companies in the USA & UK

Tyco represents their following range of products:
Wire Wrapping Guns PTX Battery & Electric Wire Wrap/Unwrap Tools & Kits
Wire Wrapping Kit
Bits & Sleeves
The Patented PTX wire wrapping tools were designed with the assistance of a certified ergonomist. The end result is a wire wrapping tool that is designed to mitigate pressure on the palm, which helps to prevent repetitive stress injuries. Worker safety and efficiency are also enhanced with this smart state-of-the-art wire wrapping design
A complete field service wire wrapping kit for telecom installations and those working at a main distributing frame
Our wire wrapping bits and sleeves are available in 3″ and 5″ lengths, with both insulated and non-insulated sleeves.
Hand Wrapping & Unwrapping Tools
Manual Wire Wrapping & Unwrapping Guns
Wire Cut and Strip Tools – ST-100
This is an alternative to wire wrapping guns when fewer wire wraps are needed. Quick, convenient and easy to use.
For precise reliable wire wraps choose the wire wrapping tool you want. We offer an aluminum wire wrapping gun, Lexan® wire wrapping gun, insulated wire wrapping
A revolutionary concept for easy and clean stripping of wires for wire wrapping, electronic and appliance applications.
Adjustable Precision Wire Strippers – OK-3907
Fiber Optic Tools
The OK-3907 Series wire strippers from OK Industries is the industry’s leading cut-and-strip tool for copper interconnect applications
Jonard Industries Fiber Optic Tools are of the highest quality, offer superior performance and are made to be the most durable in
Jonard Industries is the largest supplier of Telecom Pliers in the USA. Our selection includes the Telecom Pliers formerly manufacturered by Cooper Hand Tools.
Wire Strippers
Cable Tools
Whether your need is for stripping wire or cutting and stripping wire, we offer a unique selection of wire strippers to accommodate all of the popular gauges of wire and are designed to cut and strip without nicking the wire.
We offer a selection of Can Wrenches, Booth Wrenches and Linemans wrenches. All designed to our exacting specifications.
A full line of professional cable tools designed for cutting, stripping, pulling, lacing and sewing cables.
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