Our Suppliers:

We import and market products in the UK and Republic of Ireland mainly, manufactured by well established manufacturers in the USA, and Europe. They are all ISO9002 accredited and globally reputed companies.

Range of Hand Tools, pliers , wrenches, Wire Wrapping tools and TELECOM Tools manufactured by Jonard Industries Inc. (USA)

Hand tools like Wire wrapping tools, pneumatic, electric or Cut strip & wrap tools, manual torque tools & testers and accessories manufactured by Standard Pneumatic & Electric Tool Company, USA

TCI has years of successful experience and knowledge in the ATE business. Custom and special designs optimized to your specific requirements are invited. TCI offers a complete selection of off-the-shelf loaded and bare board spring test probes with a wide range of options in tip styles, plating and materials.


We have contacts with some of the largest Manufacturer of Hand Tools & Tweezers in India. These are high Quality Precision Tweezers & Tools made to the highest standards as required in there area of application.

Among others areas, tweezers are largely used by Watch-Makers, Jewelers, Micro-Electronic assembly operators, Medical & Dental surgery, pet-care,
Optical care, personal care, hobby & craft industry etc. etc.


Range of ESD protected products (Anti-static) for clean rooms & hospitals. These are imported from reputed suppliers in Europe and far east. We stock wrist bands, heel & toe grounders, coiled cords, bench matting, gloves and even overalls etc.

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