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Jonard Industries CT-200 Universal Compression Tool

Jonard Industries is proud to announce the latest addition to their innovative their innovative product line the CT-200 Universal Compression Tool. The CT-200 is a truly unique design for use on F Connectors (RG59, RG6, & RG11), BNC Connectors (RG59 & RG6) and RCA Connectors (RG59 & RG6). What makes this tool so unique is the dual head coupled with an adjustment dial, which easily accommodates most commonly used connectors. To use the tool simply insert the proper plunger head (supplied) that corresponds to the connector you’re using, turn the adjustment dial as needed and
squeeze. This is a great product for any installer dealing with multiple
connector sizes, saving them time and money. Now one compression tool eliminates the need for multiple compression tools. The CT-200 is
compatible with the following connectors:
PPC – CMP6, CMP62, CMP59Q, CMP11, EX6XL, EX59XL, EX59XLHE, EX6XLW9, EX7, EX7N716, EX11, EX11N716, EX320QR, EX320N716T & B – Snap -n-Seal
Digicon – DS6, DS59, DS59Q, DS11, DS7 Gilbert UE – GF-UE-59, GF-UE-59Q, GF-UE-6, GF-UE-6Q, GF-UE-5.1, RCA-UE, BNC-UE
Plus many other brands and styles including F, RCA & BNC Types


The CST-1900 Round Cable Stripper – A New Patented Jonard Tool is now in stock and available for immediate delivery. The CST-1900 is designed for fast and precise jacket removal of PVC, rubber, PE and other jacket materials, and works well on round cables with diameters ranging from 3/16″ to 1-1/8″ (4.5 – 29 mm). This is a Triple Action Tool, cutting longitudinally for end stripping, spiral for end stripping and mid-span cuts, and circular for jacket removal. A simple versatile easy to use tool your customers will love. The Replaceable Cutting Blade CST-7915 is spring loaded, adjustable for various cable diameters, providesa 90° blade rotation and is designed for long life. Replacement blades are available. Both the CST-1900 Round Cable Stripper and the CST-7915 Replacement Blade are in stock for immediate delivery.



The Jonard Industries line of heavy duty high leverage pliers has been
expanded with the addition of the JIC-2488 High leverage Diagonal Cutter Angled Head (13°). This High Quality Plier has been crafted with an angled head for heavy duty wire cutting in confined spaces. The plier is made of specially forged alloy steel for strength and cutting ability. The handles are red plastic and the overall length is 8″ long.
Also available is the JIC-2288 High Leverage Diagonal Cutter. The JIC-2288 plier is the companion to the JIC-2488, but without the angled head For these and our complete line of tools be sure to check our website The JIC-2488 & JIC-2288 Pliers are in stock for immediate delivery.



We are pleased to introduce the OK Branded JIC-950C Quick Clip Insertion Tool. This is a multipurpose wire insertion tool designed to perform several vital functions. Ideal for wire insertion in 3-beam (112 type blocks) and 4 beam (78 type blocks) terminals in Cosmic and Cosmic II distributing frames. The bit inserts 22 or 24 gauge (0.5 mm or 0.6 mm) wire into the terminal block, the wire cutter feature accommodates 22 & 24 gauge wire, and the hook at the back of the tool is used for both jumper and back-tap removal. The JIC-950C Quick Clip Insertion Tool is in stock for immediate delivery. And don’t forget about our other unique punchdown tool, EPB-500 Manual Punchdown Tool available for use with 66 block, 110 block and Krone block blades.

A very popular trend setting design, including the easiest high/low impact setting adjustment, non-slip handle, reliable fail safe mechanism, convenient 2 blade storage compartment and a LIFE-TIME WARRRANTY.


TT-4 Terminator Tool

TT-7 Terminator Tool

Tool is used for various locking terminators including the Gilbert Engineering GTP (Morlock), PPC (Production Products Company), LFT, PCT (International Technology, TPG, TR 75 GTL (Viewsonics), and SV-LT & SV-LTA (Signal Vision) locking terminators. Ergonomic Handle provides greater leverage and a superior grip. Available in two sizes 4 ½” and 8″. The TT-4 has a 2 ½” shaft with an overall length of 4 ½” and the TT-7 has a 4″ shaft with an overall length of 8″. SST-716 Security Shield Tool Used with 7/16″ hex shielded F Connectors. Design includes extended 7/16″ shank for ease of use with Jonard Industries Torque Wrenches in security shield applications. Machined and heat-treated steel for maximum durability with black oxide finish. Knurled handle for secure gripping and includes a steel loop for turning leverage and carrying.
NOTE: TT-4, TT-7 & SST-716 available since July 1, 2009

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