Hollow Shaft Nut Drivers

In our continuing effort to bring you the latest in new and improved tools we are announcing the availability of the complete set ND-631 Hollow Shaft Nut Drivers made of Chrome Vanadium Steel. These are full length hollow shaft nut drivers intended for working with long bolts. They are designed with cushion gripped ergonomic color coded handles. The larger size handles provide greater torque and offer added user comfort. Overall length is 7”. Our set of seven nut drivers include the following color coded sizes: 3/16” black, 1/4” red, 5/16” yellow, 11/32” green, 3/8” blue, 7/16” brown & 1/2” red.

These superior quality chrome vanadium steel nut drivers are also available individually in attractive blister packaging:


ND-63012 Hollow Shaft Nut Driver 1/2”

ND-63014 Hollow Shaft Nut Driver 1/4”

ND-63038 Hollow Shaft Nut Driver 3/8”

ND-630316 Hollow Shaft Nut Driver 3/16”

ND-630516 Hollow Shaft Nut Driver 5/16”

ND-630716 Hollow Shaft Nut Driver 7/16”

ND-6301132 Hollow Shaft Nut Driver 11/32”

We also wanted to take this opportunity to remind you about some of our other unique products. WBK-100

Panel Buddy Knockout Kit

TK-110INS      Insulated Tool Kit

TK-70INS        Insulated Screwdriver Set


Jonard’s TK-450M CATV/Telecom Installers Kit is now New & Improved. They’ve added
even more of the tools professionals want without increasing the price. It’s been assembled in a convenient, easy to carry Cordura case and contains even more of the basic service tools essential for equipment installation, repairs and cable preparation.
Whether it is Fiber Optic, Coax or Copper, this versatile kit contains the perfect tools for today’s demanding technician. That includes the VOIP installer, Fiber Technician or Communications Specialist and comes with Jonard’s Lifetime Warranty.
Each kit contains: ASW-716 Speed Wrench, CT-200 Universal Compression Tool, CST-1900 Round Cable Stripper, ES-1964 Electrician Scissor, KN-7 Splicer’s Knife, JIC-683 Lineman’s B Side Cut Plier, JIC-22148 Combo Crimper Long Nose Plier, JIC-22035 Spudger, JIC-5026 Pump Plier 6″, JIC-750 3/4″ Coax Cable Cutter, JIC-1626 Wire Stripper 16-26 AWG, TWAS-71630 Torque Wrench Speed Head 30″ lbs., M-216CS22 Can
Wrench with Wire Stripper, SK-51632 Security Key Insert, TT-7V Terminator Tool with Prongs, SST-716 Security Shield Tool, PT-300 Pocket Toner, all secured in a convenient Cordura case.
One added benefit, is all of our tools can be purchased individually as well. Please contact me if you have any questions on +44(0)7798697786

Subject:  NEW! Battery Punchdown Tool

Jonard Industries is pleased to offer our Patented Battery Powered Punchdown Tool.

This tool features:

  • Over 1,000 impacts between charges
  • Dual action trigger for LED task lighting and impact
  • Quick-easy blade lock and release
  • 90° blade orientation adjustment for any angled impact
  • Hi/Low impact settings easily adjusted
  • Powerful, lightweight 7.2V lithium ion battery
  • Quick charge battery charger
  • This is the answer for minimizing hand and arm vibrations, trauma, repetitive motion and avoiding awkward positioning. Our Battery Punchdown Tool is ergonomically designed to make the punchdown process safer and easier to perform. Plus workers using battery tools greatly reduce discomfort and the risk of injury while increasing productivity. We’ve taken one of the most physical installation processes and revolutionized it. So why not join the revolution?

    And if your needs are for fewer impacts there is always our uniquely
    designed EPB-500 Manual Punchdown Tool a great value and designed to withstand the punishment of punchdown. Please contact for complete details on this product.

    The National Society of Professional Engineers

    Has announced the 2010 NSPE-PEI Award

    For the FOD-2000

    Just thought you would like to hear the good news about the OD-2000 Fiber Optic Drop Cable Slitter. This patent pending tool has been recognized for its unique design and performance for the slitting of drop cable jackets at the end of the cable or mid-span. The National Society of Professional Engineers has singled out our tool for special recognition! The FOD-2000 is designed to slit flat cables by putting a slit on both sides of the jacket allowing easy access to the fiber or strength member and is a truly affordable tool. The FOD-2000 comes completely assembled with two blades, which can be reversed once they are worn. Comes as a package of 25 replacement blades, part number is FOD-RB25. Both the drop cable slitter and replacement blades are in stock for immediate delivery.




    We are pleased to announce the introduction of our M-216CS22 Can Wrench with Wire Stripper 22 AWG and SK-51632 Security Key Insert, a six-tools-in-one combination for multiple opening, stripping and security key functions in our M-216CKIT. M-216CS22 Can Wrenc-open telephone box fasteners and tighten nuts on binding posts. Designed for universal access to telephone boxes and pedestals. Built in wire stripper with two slots, one for the outside jacket of a four wire “quad” and the other for 22 AWG wire. Black oxide finish 7/16″ socket, zinc plated 3/8″ socket. Thin wall design for tight access and 1 1/4″ socket depth.

    SK-51632 Security Key Insert* – designed with a double-ended hex adapter for two sizes of pin-in-head security fasteners. Simply slip the key into the 3/8″ side of a can wrench and you are ready for either a 5/16″ or 5/32″ hex security screw. This is a reversible insert tool. One end is for SLC cabinets and the other is for most network interface boxes. The 5/16″ side is used on tamperproof cross-connect cabinets, MESA, CATV closures and any other closure that requires a 5/16″ tamperproof hex tool.

    *The SK-51632 is the ONLY Security Key Insert designed to fit the 3/8″ Can Wrench socket – preferred overwhelmingly by field professionals.

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