Standard Pneumatic & Electrical Tool Company USA

Standard Pneumatic & Electric tool Company,
(ISO 9001 Certified Company,CE/VDE Approved Tools)

Reno,     Nevada    USA.



This Company is a world class manufacturer of the Standard Pneumatic wrapping gun, other Wrapping and Unwrapping Tools, CATV tools, Punch down Tools, Fiber Optic Tools, Pliers, wrenches, torque tools and and other equipment, including 48V and 230V and Cordless wire wrap guns.

Tyco represents their following range of products:

  • Ergonomically designed Pneumatic screwdrivers and Pneumatic bi- directional nut runners with preset torque from 0.04Nm – 4.5Nm
  • Micrometer torque tools (manual)



  • Manual Preset torque tools to prevent over-tighteningTorque tool accessories eg. Air hoses, fittings, foam grips, balancers, FRLs.


  • Electronic torque tester for calibrating torque wrenches and power tools





  •   Standard Pneumatic 48V wire wrap gun, Wire wrapping tools Electric (220v & 115v), Pneumatic wrap gun, battery operated (w & w/o battery charger) and pneumatically operated light weight wire wrapping tools  



  • Bits and Sleeves for all tools from 18 awg to 32 awg kynar wire



  • Manual wrapping and Unwrapping tools for quick repair

  • Pneumatic adhesive dispensers with adhesive cartridgesRotary vane – light-weight air motors work on air, CO2, nitrogen & other gases.



  • Could be used on conveyor belts, robotic assemblies etc.









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